i want this

panda cupcakes. or maybe lemurs.

french chocolate macarons: take 3

french chocolate macarons: take 2

french chocolate macarons: take 1

marshmallow buttercream

guest blog: buttery lemon cookies

all grown-up chewy chocolate chip cookies

rosemary cheddar cheese bread

blueberry oatmeal bars

can we talk?

waffles. mmm...

peanut butter fudge bars


savory baking: vietnamese-style ribs

weekend baking: results show

this woman, she is wise...

things currently in my fridge that could concievably - and regrettably - be confused

dad's lemon cake

heinz 57 and french-fried potatoes

not exactly streetwise

cooking light baked goods still suck

don't drop your cell phone in the garbage disposal

when life gives you lemons...

lemon-blueberry scones