Wednesday, July 20, 2011

ladybug sugar cookies

A friend of mine loved the silly face cookies I made for birthday treats, and she asked for the same for her daughter's third birthday. As we talked about the party theme, we debated the design and changed our minds about six times. Ultimately, since her girl's favorite color is red, we decided ladybugs would be adorable.

So cute! I made the lemon-vanilla sugar cookies but substituted lemon extract for the lemon zest (to make it a little more kid-friendly). Although I like the look of royal icing decorations, the taste is not my favorite, and I thought about using glace icing instead. Glace icing tastes more like a traditional glaze (it uses powdered sugar, milk, corn syrup, and vanilla) and looks a little shiny, which I like. I made about 1/8 of a batch to see if it would dry firm enough overnight, and it did - not as hard as royal icing, but dry enough to stack the cookies, especially with parchment in between. However, the consistency of the icing is completely different from royal icing, and I was concerned about getting the right thickness to hold its shape while piping the details. This time around, Antonia74's royal icing was a better choice, but I will try glace icing in the future!

Happy birthday, S!

Print sugar cookie recipe.
Print royal icing recipe.

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mer said...

these are so cute! if we were allowed to bring sugar to daycare i'd totally have you make these for m's room (sine they are the ladybugs)!