Sunday, June 12, 2011

silly face cookies, part deux

Remember the silly face cookies I made for a school birthday party? Well, the birthday girl's little brother had a birthday, and he wanted silly face cookies, too. How could I say no? I tried to make them just as goofy as the last ones, and by request, I made a special, rainbow cookie for the birthday boy.

These are so much fun to make because you can get carried away with adding fun touches like glasses, cheeks, and eyebrows. I deliberately kept my black royal icing thicker this time, since it was much too runny before, and when you're doing detail work, the best way to control it is with the thickness of the icing. I was already using a tiny size 0 tip - you can't get too much smaller (though 00 and 000 exist, amazingly!) - so you have to be very judicious when thinning the royal icing. Just a drop or two at a time! Marian at Sweetopia has some amazing tips on how to decorate cookies with royal icing.

I used the same chocolate brownie roll-out cookie recipe and royal icing recipe as before. I actually tried adding corn syrup to the royal icing to achieve a shine, but perhaps I didn't add enough because I didn't notice a difference. I'll experiment with that more at some point; I didn't want to throw off the texture or taste with too much.

Print chocolate brownie roll-out cookie recipe.
Print royal icing recipe.


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Very cute, kids will love these!