Sunday, March 14, 2010

frog prince baby shower cake

Don't you just love new babies? I'm going to meet my beautiful new niece next week, and I'm so excited. This weekend, I made a baby shower cake for the niece of a family friend, who is expecting a baby boy in a few weeks. My client asked for chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream, and she wanted the cake to say, "Have a great day!" because her niece's last name is Day. Other than that, I had free reign with the decorations. What fun! I took inspiration from the cake I made for my sister's baby shower and made fondant decorations: buttons, onesies, a teddy bear, and a cute little frog prince.

I did the buttons differently this time. It was a little faster, and they came out just as cute. Instead of indenting the center, I just used the large end of a piping tip to press a circle onto each button. A bamboo skewer is just the right size for the center holes.

For the cake, I used Martha Stewart's one bowl chocolate cake recipe again. It's super dark, almost Oreo-colored, and perfectly moist. It's actually not very sweet, despite having three cups of sugar in the batter; the cocoa offsets the sweetness. It pairs really well with the vanilla buttercream, which has just a hint of almond extract.

Oh! And lest I forget to give credit where due, I took inspiration for the frog from this great tutorial. It's not in English, but the pictures work in any language!

The hostesses loved the cake, and I hope the mom-to-be did, too!


Sandra Dee said...

Your frog is awesome! It looks just like the one from the tutorial...

I was wondering about "Have a great day" - makes much more sense now.

Seriously - between this cake and your bundt cake...I'm drooling.

gwyn said...

Looks great! BTW the frog tutorial is in Serbo-Croatian. I would have been able to read it for you at some point, but looking at it made me realize how rusty my language skills really are. Good thing it had pictues!

Anonymous said...

You should get some button molds while you are on a button kick: