baby shower cupcakes

In the last couple of weeks, I've made the same baby shower cupcakes twice. I made them for a friend from the kids' preschool, and another friend admired them and hired me to make the same thing for the baby shower she was hosting. They are simple vanilla cupcakes with pink vanilla frosting topped with fondant baby carriages, onesies, dresses, and sleeping babies.

The sleeping babies are the easiest cupcakes to make! Frost the top half of the cupcake with white (the sheet) and a puff of white (the pillow - even though babies don't use pillows). Then pipe the bottom half with pink or blue (or your color of choice), and use edible pearls or a contrast-colored frosting to accent. A small circle of skin-colored fondant gets tucked in under the blanket for the baby's head. I cut them out a couple of days in advance to let them firm up, then used food-safe markers to draw eyes, nose, and a yawning or smiling mouth. A light dusting of pink luster dust gives the cheeks a rosy glow.

The dress and onesie are quick fondant cutouts. You can decorate them as simply or intricately as you'd like (but they are pretty small to work with, so any decorations are going to be tiny!).

These are a smaller, scaled-down size of the same strollers I've made for other baby shower cakes. They take the longest to make because the stroller, wheels, and handle have to dry separately before being assembled. I brushed them with luster dust, too, to give them a pretty sheen.

A dozen mixed cupcakes look really cute all together!

I've made the same vanilla cupcake recipe a few times in the last few weeks, and they've been well-received by all the party guests. The frosting is my usual vanilla buttercream recipe. Click here to print them.

Print vanilla cupcake recipe.
Print vanilla buttercream recipe.


Wow - they are so beautiful and they look yummy! Great Job!