welcome, little man! raquel's baby shower cake

Yesterday, I attended a baby shower for our good family friends, Raquel and Noah. They're expecting their first baby in mid-April. Noah's family was one of the first we met when we moved to California 30 years ago. We four kids went to Sunday school together and did summer stock together. Our parents worked together in his dad's office. We shared countless holidays. A few years ago, Noah married Raquel, and she's such a sweetie - they are a great couple - and they are so excited for this new baby boy to join their family.

As one of the shower hostesses, my mom asked me to make the cake decorations Tiffany blue; other than that, I had lots of leeway. First up, another pram. Blue and brown stripes seemed right for a boy. Next, I wanted to try my hand at the sweet baby shoes again. A little toy bear and some fondant stars rounded out the decorations.

Here's a close-up look at the toppers:

The cake was Martha Stewart's one-bowl chocolate cake, and I used my standard vanilla buttercream frosting tinted with a combo of turquoise and sky blue. My mom gave me a Tiffany box lid to match the color exactly. :-)

I was so happy that the mom-to-be loved the cake - turquoise is her favorite color - and I loved getting to prepare something special for her. Welcome little man! We can't wait to meet you.

Print chocolate cake recipe.
Print vanilla buttercream recipe.


Anonymous said…
Those little shoes are UNREASONABLY adorable. Bravo!! What a super cute cake.
Jami said…
Thanks, @Anon!
OMG. If the baby is even 1/2 as cute as this cake, he'll be George Clooney.
Your cake is ADORABLE! I love it....and love the colour combinations.
Jami said…
Thanks, @Mary and @JJ!
Sandra Dee said…
Can I guess what used to be in that Tiffany box???

Oh - and the cake? Seriously amazing! So happy to hear wonderful news about Noah.....