Thursday, October 11, 2018

stuff I haven't posted: boy-o turns 11

Oy. The boy turns 12 tomorrow. Probably about time I post the pictures from his 11th birthday cake, right?

Last year, at his sister's insistence, we threw him a surprise Hunger Games party at the park near our house. It was so much fun. We painted a gigantic Happy Birthday Brenny! sign, arranged for everyone to get there early, and then all stood on the corner holding the sign while his dad drove up with B in the car. He was thoroughly confused! It may have helped that it was still nearly a week before his birthday. During the party, we played Hunger Games-style games... there was a reaping, suction cup archery, an infection-style game with stickers, and an arena with a pile of nerf guns surrounded by stocked backpacks containing snacks, nerf ammo, and various additional surprises.

I made a chocolate Hunger Games-themed cake. The most fun part was making the flames for the top of the cake. I melted down cinnamon candies and butterscotch candies, then poured them out onto a parchment-lined cookie sheet. I let them harden, and then broke them into shards to represent fire. The ones that are a mix of yellow and red are especially fun. I used chocolate sticks as the fuel for the fire (though you can't really see them - I also lined the edges of the cake with them for visual interest) and made fondant arrows for Katniss.

I don't usually post people pictures here, but what the heck... Snacks for the backpacks. (Note the fish for District 4!)

Birthday boy and his sister, flanking one of our best friends.

Gotta get this posted so we can move on to celebrating 12! Happy birthday, boy-o.

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