Wednesday, April 4, 2018

stuff i haven't posted: babkallah

It's probably unfair to post pictures of bread (or cake for that matter) during Passover, so I'll console you by telling you I didn't actually like this recipe that much. To be fair, I really, truly, only like plain challah. I can let a pretzel challah slide. But I don't want other flavors getting in the way of the challah goodness. That said, I really, really liked how it looked. I used the same method used here: I rolled out each strand, sprinkled it with the chocolate filling, rolled it tightly, and then sliced vertically, though not all the way through, down each strand; then I braided the strands together. I'll save that method for another filled bread in the future and stick to simple, unadorned challah. It looks beautiful both as a braid and as a wreath.

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