Thursday, January 5, 2017

sprinkle velvet cake

My girl likes to remind me that New Year's Day has another important meaning: it's her 3/4 birthday. Yep. She is possibly the only person in the world to mark that occasion, but she talks about it every year. Since we've just moved into January, I'm realizing that I'm approximately 9 months late to post her 12th birthday cake pictures. Oops. She had very specific wishes for this cake. Velvet cake (if I remember right, it was a layer of pink, which looked magenta, a layer of blue-green, and a layer of orange), fluffy vanilla frosting, sides covered in sprinkles, and a dozen frosting balloons, each in a different color. Of course, she got what she requested, plus an extra balloon to grow on.

Covering the sides with sprinkles had an interesting effect of making the frosting fall off in large clumps as I cut the cake. I'm not sure why, but it didn't seem to affect anyone's enjoyment.

I was asked to document the different frosting colors.

I know it's belated, but happy 12th birthday, Bug! I love you so!