Thursday, January 5, 2017

indian elephant cake

The biggest problem with posting pictures of your daughter's 12th birthday cake 9 months late is realizing you never actually posted pictures of her 11th birthday cake.

For her 11th birthday, she requested an Indian-themed party. We dressed in Indian clothes - some borrowed, some purchased for a Bollywood-themed auction a few years ago - and draped the girls in skirts, scarves and bangle bracelets. We did henna tattoos on hands and feet. We served Indian food. And I made a cake with brightly colored frosting and a bedecked elephant. She claims it was her favorite cake that I've made her. And I have to say, I loved how the elephant came out. It was so much fun making little fondant adornments.

My favorite things on the elephant are her blanket and her wrinkled skin. Please don't fault me if this elephant doesn't look authentically Indian. I think the African elephants' ears are shaped like Africa, so hopefully this one is close enough.

I love the technique of smearing the frosting together to blend the colors. It's fun and it looks cool. Plus it comes out different each time.

Little fondant flowers.

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