Thursday, May 19, 2016

cakes for a favorite client

Still catching up... Here are a couple of cakes I did for one of my favorite clients. She has three little guys, so there are lots of fun opportunities to celebrate!

First was a turquoise-and-purple, Lego-themed party. I don't know if there are round Lego pieces like this (probably not), but I do love how the candy-dipped Oreos are just the right size to be the Lego studs.

Next up was a surprise birthday/baby gender reveal party with a tropical island theme. I can't get enough of making free-form fondant fish. And the octopuses! So cute. I've done a couple of similar cakes, but I never made a beach blanket and flip flops before. (Luckily my kids love cocktail umbrellas in their smoothies, so we always have them on hand.) It's also super fun to mix the shades of blue and white frosting to make waves. Not only is it a fun and easy way to frost, it gives the cake a swirly sense of motion that I like.

Then the birthday girl had her first communion. I don't know much about the symbols involved, but luckily, I was given very explicit instructions about what the cake should feature. A chalice, host, and dove; mostly white with just a hint of blue accents.

And finally, little brother had a Harry Potter party with his own book of magic spells.

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