Tuesday, May 3, 2016

boy-o birthdays 8 and 9

I'm way, way behind on posting... such that Boy-o is now 9 1/2 and I haven't posted pictures from his 8th birthday or 9th birthday. Ouch.

For his 8th birthday, we had a party at a local golf-n-stuff place. He was super into flag football, so we had a football cake. (He seems to be super into flag football every fall, and then forget about it for approximately nine months.)

If I knew anything about football, I'd say something clever about the blue guy who seems very intent on this play. But I don't even know what position that's supposed to be. Or, for that matter, why there are red and blue guys on both sides.

This past year, he wanted to make a crazy candy cake, and he wanted to decorate it himself. We did blobs of colored frosting swirled all over the cake, and then he and his sister went nuts with every kind of candy they could get their hands on. You can see there is some method to the madness, but it was definitely a sugar fest. (And you should have heard the ruckus of all those 9-year-old boys, hopped up on sugar. Cue the children wrestling on my bed.)

Happy two years of birthdays, Boy-o!

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