Saturday, December 19, 2015

kite cupcakes

Our friends' daughter celebrated her birthday with a kite birthday party down by the beach. How much fun is that? They brought in a kite expert to teach the kids how to make and fly kites!

To match the festive occasion, I made cupcakes with kite cookie toppers. They're chocolate cupcakes with vanilla frosting and sugar cookies with royal icing and licorice tails. I picked bright, fun colors for the kites because my favorite kites are always brightly colored against the sky.

Print chocolate cupcake recipe.
Print vanilla frosting recipe.
Print lemon-vanilla sugar cookie recipe.
Print royal icing recipe.

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mark lawrence said...

These cupcakes are really looking pretty and delicious. I am also looking small Chicago venues for my upcoming tea parties and I will definitely try these cupcakes there. Can you please just recommend me the venue?