Saturday, December 19, 2015

bicycle cake

One of my parents' best friends has become a bit of a bike fiend. So when he celebrated a birthday, we thought it would be fun to do something with that decoratively on the cake. I decided to pipe cute bicycles out of candy melts. I found a simple picture of a bike (too many details would have been extremely fragile when made out of melted chocolate) and used it as a template underneath a piece of parchment. So I piped directly onto the parchment and then let the bikes harden in the fridge for about 10 minutes. I used an offset spatula to very gently lift them off the parchment. Best advice: pipe a couple of extra just in case they break!

I made a simple lemon cake with lemon-vanilla frosting. (His family all love chocolate, but when you're the birthday boy, you get to pick the flavor!) I kept the cake and frosting decoration very straightforward so the bikes would pop, and I stood them all around the border of the cake. Great for a bike enthusiast!

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