Thursday, April 30, 2015

baby shoes for baby g

Nothing like a baby turning 1 to remind you it's time to post the baby shower cake pictures. (Oops. Though my posting tardiness is well-known throughout the land.)

From everything I hear - and my parents are friends with this boy's grandparents - this is the sweetest, bounciest, happiest baby boy ever. He sure is adorable and well-loved.

Before he was born, his family wanted to celebrate his arrival with a fabulous shower that included a cake designed to mimic part of the invitation. I took the baby shoes featured on the card and built similar, old-fashioned ones out of fondant, and then placed them on top of a Tiffany-blue baby shoe box. Since that wouldn't be enough cake to feed the whole party crew, the shoe box topped a giant chocolate cake filled with chocolate buttermilk frosting and covered in dark chocolate ganache. (That's become this family's signature cake!)

Here's the bottom half of the invitation:

And here are the fondant baby shoes, the shoe box, and the chocolate extravaganza:

Happy birthday to this sweet baby boy!

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