Monday, March 2, 2015

missy's baby shower cupcakes

Last weekend, I got to meet the cutest, sweetest baby boy. His mama is a good friend of my sister's, and she is a sweetheart. I always have the best time talking to her. In addition to her many skills, she makes the most beautiful quilts. It started as a hobby, and her skills have just gotten better and better. I am always impressed!

Meeting Baby S, I was reminded that I haven't posted pictures of the baby shower cupcakes I made for Missy's shower. I was asked to keep the colors gender neutral (gray, green, and yellow, to go with the shower colors). Though I'll admit gray isn't my favorite color for decorating, the sleeping babies and t-shirts came out cute. I made a mix of chocolate vanilla cupcakes with vanilla frosting and fondant toppers.

Here's a sampling of the whole gang.

The yawning ones are always my favorites. Food safe markers make these easy. Just let the fondant faces sit out to dry for a couple of hours; it makes it easier to draw on them.

In real life, my son insists on wearing only solid or striped shirts. But in fondant, I actually like the stars the best.


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