Monday, March 2, 2015

auction-winner's chocolate cake

I wish I lived in a world where there were always a cake on my counter, under a glass dome, so I could have a slice in the afternoon with a cup of tea. I understand that as a baker, I could probably make that happen pretty easily - but I'm not sure my waistline needs there to be a whole cake sitting in my kitchen on any given day.

Each year, our school auction features a "Treats" category of items homemade by parents at the school. French, Indian, and Persian dinners... trays of baklava, lemon bars, and layered jello... rustic soups, kale chips, and juice cleanses. It's all available to the highest bidder. One lucky duck takes home a certificate for a dessert a month for a whole year! Twelve parent volunteers step up to make one dessert each month for the winner. At the last auction, my friend Susie won, and I was one of the monthly bakers.

When it was my turn to bake for Susie and her family, I wanted her to have something simple, delicious, and homey... the kind of cake that can sit on your counter, under a glass dome. Her boys have nut allergies, so I was careful to stay far away from anything they couldn't eat. One-bowl chocolate cake with swirled chocolate buttermilk frosting and confetti sprinkles - elegant in its simplicity - seemed like just the right treat.

Susie, her husband, and their twin boys loved the cake. The gobbled up part of it and wisely stored the rest in the freezer. (I'd say they are watching their waistlines, too, but Susie is an amazing runner and her husband and the boys do karate, so I think they're all in excellent shape already.)

We'll be offering the dessert of the month item at this year's auction, so I hope everyone at our school is ready to bid high!

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