Wednesday, October 8, 2014

puppy party

Remember the cute Thomas cake I made? Well, that cute little guy has now turned 4 and he was ready for a new cake! D has a lovey, a stuffed dog he's had since he was a baby. It's a light brown puppy with a lighter patch over his right eye, soft fur, and a black nose and black eyes. D's family was having a puppy party and wanted a cake to look like his beloved pup.

I wanted the puppy to be flat on the cake yet still have dimension. So I layered the fondant to have his ears tucked behind, his paws popping over the top of the cake and his body, and his nose and eyes standing out. I used a photo of the actual stuffed animal to get the dimensions and proportions right. I also made tiny slashes all over the face, paws, and ears with a paring knife to add texture to give the appearance of fur. I liked the depth it added. I used a lot of the same techniques on my niece's Honey Bear cake.

The cake is my favorite chocolate cake with chocolate buttermilk frosting. Delicious and well-liked by the partygoers.

Happy puppy birthday, D!

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