Thursday, August 14, 2014

old fashioned baby buggy cookies

One of my favorite ways to decorate cookies or cakes for special events is to take inspiration from the invitation. For this baby shower my sister hosted for her good friend, Angela, I piped royal icing on chocolate sugar cookies to look like old fashioned buggies. Here's the invitation:

And here are the super-cute cookies:

I packaged the party favors in clear plastic baggies with sparkly blue bows to celebrate Angela's gorgeous little guy (who, as of this posting, is 10 months old, so clearly I'm quite prompt in my blogging!) They live on the other end of the state, so I had to ship them. Luckily, with enough bubble wrap, packed vertically with no wiggle room, the cookies arrived safely.

Not only are the cookies cute, festive, and coordinated with the party decor, they taste delicious as well. And like all sugar cookies covered with royal icing, they stay fresh for 1-2 weeks, so they are the perfect cookie to ship for a long distance special occasion.

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