Thursday, May 8, 2014

cakes for papa and kasey

Every year, my kids' school has an auction that raises a sizable portion of the annual budget for extracurricular activities (art, PE, music, computers, etc.). I participate on the committee by overseeing the database, but I also donate items. My favorite things to donate fall into the homemade treats category. This year, a dozen of us donated a year's worth of desserts; each of us is baking the winner dessert once a month. Five of us donated 5 Mondays' worth of soups; each of us made and delivered soup to the winner. I usually also donate baked goods to order.

Last year's winner asked me to make a cake, and then ordered a second cake as well. Her family was having a double celebration: her father's 85th birthday and her niece's 21st birthday. I made Papa's cake chocolate with large roses (I wanted it to be simple and elegant but not too girly, naturally!). For Kasey, I made a lemon cake. I kept the decorations very plain but then added a huge, fluffy fondant flower accompanied by a couple of fondant roses; nice and sophisticated for a grown-up birthday. These were recipes I've used many times before, so nothing new to report here, but I loved being able to put together something special to add to their family celebration.

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meredith said...

these are beautiful!