Wednesday, November 13, 2013

bridging to juniors

My girl has had quite a ride with the Girl Scouts of America. She and 11 friends started as Daisies, moved up through Brownies, and this year, they flew up to Juniors! The girls had an official bridging ceremony with the rest of our unit (all the troops in the area), but they celebrated at their first meeting of the school year with a private party. And what's a party without cake?

I made a really simple, homey vanilla cake with chocolate frosting, a rainbow bridge, and the Brownie and Junior symbols. They gobbled it up, so I guess they liked it!

I am proud of their accomplishments as a troop, and I am glad my Bug has this special group of girls she can count on for support and friendship.

Print vanilla cake recipe.
Print chocolate buttermilk frosting recipe.

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sugarmagnolia70 said...

Great idea! I'll have to remember to do something similar (although I am nowhere the baker you are) when A bridges from Daisies to Brownies at the end of the year.