Tuesday, November 12, 2013

are you my mummy?

Every Halloween, our school has a carnival with a cake walk. I like to do something fun and different every year. Last year was a Kit Kat cake (frosted with chocolate, surrounded by standing-up Kit Kats, and laden with M&M's). This year, I made a cute little mummy.

Underneath the fondant wrapping is a chocolate cake covered with chocolate ganache. I fashioned a body-like shape out of a 9x13" cake. The scraps were used to add dimension for the arms and feet (I glued them on with frosting, then spread ganache right over them). And the eyeballs are simply blue and white fondant with a food-safe marker used to make the pupils. I know they're not scientifically accurate, but they're cutely creepy.

I rolled out white fondant to about 1/8" thickness, cut it into somewhat regular strips, and laid them at angles across and around the "body." Anywhere there was a gap, I covered it with another strip. It's an easy project because it's so inexact. It doesn't matter if the fondant appears torn; in fact, it adds a little texture.

I never got to see who won the cake, but hopefully it gave them a good giggle before they devoured it!

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