Wednesday, October 2, 2013

cowboy cupcakes

I recently was asked to make cupcakes for a client whose son was having a western-themed birthday party. The party was being held at Travel Town, an outdoor museum showing the history of trains and Los Angeles, but the birthday boy was adamant that the cupcakes be red, white, and blue and western. I made chocolate cupcakes with colored frosting and a variety of cupcake toppers: cowboy boots, sheriff stars, horseshoes, and cacti. (I thought cowboy hats would be cute, too, but the birthday mom preferred the other designs.)

I found some appropriate images and drew small templates to fit the top of a standard cupcake. The templates made it easy to cut out the fondant. I let the cut pieces dry overnight to firm up, and then I used food-safe markers and luster dust to decorate each topper. I brushed the boot lightly with a dry brush dipped in luster dust (I dipped it in and then tapped it on the side of the container to get just a tiny amount). The star and horseshoe needed a deeper color and thicker coverage, so I mixed the luster dust with a few drops of vodka to make a paint. (Luster dust is not water soluble, but the vodka will evaporate - no worries about feeding it to kids!)

The cupcakes looked adorable and fit the theme perfectly. Happy birthday, Li'l Cowboy!

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Alana M said...

These are so cute! Everything you do is perfect!