Wednesday, October 31, 2012

ninjago birthday cake

Since I am about two months behind on posting... And since today is Halloween, festival of costumes... And since Boy-o is dressing as a ninja tonight (albeit a generic ninja all dressed in black)... I present... Ninjago cake!

As you can tell, this cake was made for our friend Riley, who was having a Ninjago party for his 6th birthday. All the kiddos are very into Ninjago (Lego ninjas) these days, though I remain relatively unscathed. There's a TV show, and Legos, and Halloween costumes, and all sorts of other tie-ins.

I had lots of freedom with this cake: I was just asked to make it chocolate and Ninjago-themed. Accordingly, the bottom layer is a 12" round chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. I chocolate-dipped some Oreos to evoke the Lego bumps, but not to replicate them exactly. I think they were a pretty good size, proportionally. The Ninjago head is made of a couple of stacked 6" cakes with a bowl cake to round out the top of his head (literally baked it in a small, metal mixing bowl about 6" in diameter). I think it ended up being 8 or 9 inches tall. I stacked and frosted the layers of the head (on a small cake board), covered the whole thing in frosting, and draped blue fondant over it in layers to approximate a ninja headcovering. Riley's favorite character is Jay, and he is the blue ninja. I looked closely at pictures online to try to get the shapes of his eyes, eyebrows, and mouth correct. Then, to add visual interest, I created a gold knife (dagger? sword?) out of gumpaste and anchored it behind his head (as if he had it stashed in his clothing). I emulated the Ninjago font to cut out the letters of Riley's name.

It was a really fun cake to make, and the kids were pretty excited about it, the birthday boy in particular!

Print chocolate cake recipe.
Print chocolate buttermilk frosting recipe.


Fongolicious said...

Oh if only I saw this post 2 weeks ago! I had a 10yr old who also
loves lego! Great job! Will have to consider it next year.

Laurel Geisbush said...

Your Jay cake turned out GREAT! Very nice job, I bet the chocolate dipped Oreos were delicious! I am considering this for my sons party next year but I've never worked with fondant so that part is intimidating.

Jami said...

@Laurel - thanks for the nice comments! Fondant is a little intimidating, but the nice thing about fashioning a turban is that it's very forgiving! (As are kids - they will see Jay and never notice any imperfections with the decorations.) Good luck!