Friday, August 19, 2011

school-spirited wedding cake toppers

Recently, my super smart, cute, accomplished cousin, Bobby, married his (equally super smart, cute, accomplished) high school sweetheart, Stephanie. They attended separate colleges, Bobby a year ahead of Stephanie, and still managed to stay together through all those long-distance years. Bobby went to Santa Cruz, Stephanie to Cal, and for their wedding, they asked if I'd make cake toppers based on their school mascots: a banana slug and a bear.

Please welcome, for the first time... Mr. and Mrs. Bear-Banana Slug!

Stephanie wanted the bear to wear a bow... no veil, since she wasn't wearing one. I thought the bouquet of flowers added a fun touch.

Bobby asked for sunglasses and a bowtie. The top hat just jazzed things up a bit.

Positioned on the cake this way, the slug is curled around the bear (or has his arm around her... do slugs have arms?). They are in fondant love.

I was very nervous about driving 120 miles to San Diego and having these guys in the hotel room until the wedding, but I brought along emergency supplies just in case. Other than replacing a runaway eyeball and repairing one crack on the bear's back (same issue with the fondant sagging while it dried), they were in great shape! I handed them off to the wedding planner to place on the cake along with the flowers, and they came out just as I'd pictured. Bobby and Stephanie loved them, and I was so happy to be a tiny part of their special day. Congratulations, B and S!


ButterYum said...

They are so cute, but that banana slug is quite the character.


jami said...

@BY: thanks for all the nice comments!!