Saturday, May 7, 2011

bad blogging biscuits

When you have a food blog, it's a pretty good idea to keep track of which set of pictures matches which recipe. Makes sense, right? The natural order goes something like this: make food, take pictures of food, taste and evaluate food, post about food. But when there's a food you're trying to perfect - say, chocolate chip cookies - where you feel compelled to try every recipe in the known universe, despite each one's similarity to the other 93 you've already tried, it's smart to be somewhat scientific in logging the date, recipe, source, and your reactions.

Otherwise, you get this:

Flaky biscuits, with lots and lots of layers, which I remember tasted great straight out of the oven... only I have no idea what recipe they are from. And no way to talk intelligently about why I preferred this recipe to any of the other numerous, relatively similar, biscuit recipes.

Bummer. 'Cause these were tasty. Guess I'll have to start my testing process over, this time with a sharpened pencil.

NB: It's possible, but not certain, they were these:

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sugarmagnolia70 said...

Recipe or not, they look tasty!