Saturday, April 9, 2011

plaid cheesecake bites

It's Saturday night. We're home, watching movies on Netflix. I'm menu planning for Passover next Monday night, busy digging around online and making lists. To distract myself, I decided to look at something pretty. Whaddya think about these cheesecake bites?

No, I didn't just make these; I brought them to a party a few months ago and I'm just behind on posting. This is the same recipe I've made before - it's really reliable, easy, tasty, creamy, and best of all, tastes best on day two or even three. You don't want to eat this cheesecake until it's been in the fridge at least overnight. In other words, perfect for a party because you can easily make them in advance.

In the past, I've topped these with candied lemon zest or fresh berries. This time, I piped ganache one direction and caramel sauce the other, for a faux-plaid look. Though I am usually a chocolate fiend, there are rare exceptions when I prefer sweets without chocolate, and this is one. I think melting some chocolate and swirling it into the batter, for a marbled effect, would be quite tasty, but as a garnish, I think it should be fruit or nothin'. Make these soon!

Print this recipe.

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Sandra Dee said...

I literally started to drool......