Wednesday, July 7, 2010

h's transformers cupcakes

In light of my goal to keep this blog current, I should probably tell you about the cupcakes I made for our good friend H's birthday. In March. H is 4 days older than Bug, and he came to the hospital to meet her when she was only hours old. Suffice it to say, he's a seriously awesome kid.

The party had a Transformers theme, and H chose cupcakes over a Transformers cake (which I was actually pretty excited to make, but hey, it's his birthday). I had pretty free reign with the cupcakes. I went for chocolate, red-and-white dual-toned vanilla frosting, and Transformers cupcake toppers on about half the cupcakes. They came out really cute, and most importantly, the kids dug them!

Crazy on the eyes!
One of my favorite things about two-toned frosting is the variation you get from cupcake to cupcake. Some of them are pure red and pure white; in others, the frosting colors begin to meld. It depends on how evenly the colors flow through the piping bag. It's a bit of a crapshoot, and you don't want to waste the frosting once you get both colors flowing, so you have to just be okay with the fact that your cupcakes are not going to be identical.

See, below the colors are really clean.

In this batch (and you'll have to refill the piping bag, so expect that), the colors are a little muddied. The speckled look is kinda cool.

I used Martha Stewart's one-bowl chocolate cake recipe for the cupcakes, and my time-honored Vanilla Buttercream frosting. Over here, I talked about how to pipe multiple colors of frosting. Give this method a try! It's really fun and I think if you got three colors going, it could be very psychedelic!


Sandra Dee said...

These turned out great!

Quinn said...

I was browsing through your blog and I must say this, you have really good piping/frosting skills!!!

sugar magnolia said...

Totally awesome!

The Nix Family said...

They tasted as good as they looked and H was thrilled! Thanks again!