Sunday, November 29, 2009

rainbow cupcakes

My friend's daughter turned 5 recently, and there was much debate as to how she wanted the cupcakes decorated. Ultimately, she decided on vanilla/vanilla cupcakes with rainbow sprinkles. Since I was making two dozen cupcakes for her friends at school, I thought making the whole box into a rainbow would be fun. But five-year-olds are funny little things, and I didn't want the birthday girl to be disappointed if her cupcake wasn't actually a rainbow. So I made a special cupcake, just for her, rolled in concentric circles of rainbow sanding sugar. I threw on some rainbow flower sprinkles to make it extra girly and fun.

These are silver white cupcakes with bakery frosting, dipped in colored sanding sugar. Yum!

Happy birthday, L!


ButterYum said...

Wow - a box full of fun for any 5 year old!


Amanda said...

Beautiful!! You do such precision work!


meredith said...

love these!!