Saturday, October 24, 2009

the "baked" chocolate chip cookie

Yes, all chocolate chip cookies are baked. I'm talking about the recipe from the Brooklyn-based (and apparently Charleston, SC-based) bakery. Verdict: I was not at all impressed. It's a pretty straightforward recipe, so I'm gonna go out on a limb and say I followed the directions properly. The dough tastes good, but the cookies themselves were soft and cakey, not chewy or crisp. They weren't terrible, but they were very unremarkable; so much so, I didn't even bother with pictures.

Because this bakery, and their cookbook, is so well-regarded, I'm willing to stipulate that the cookie they make is actually very good, despite my experience. So next time I'm in Brooklyn (or next Brooklyn visitor heading to LA), I will be happy to give it a shot. In the name of research, of course.

Here's the recipe I followed.


ButterYum said...
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ButterYum said...

I've heard nothing but the best comments about the Baked cookbook. Thanks for your honest review of this recipe. I've felt the same way about some of the popular "recipes de jour".

Krystle Cooper said...

The recipes in their book aren't the same as what they make in their bakery. It's pretty deceitful to me