Monday, September 21, 2009

wub makes snacks: smiley peanut butter sandwiches

Bug Bug started kindergarten last week! She is such a big girl. Because of my weird work schedule right now, and Boy-o's nap schedule at preschool, Bug and I have a few hours together each day before we pick up Boy-o. It's really fun walking home from school and doing her homework together.

Last week, we were cutting up apples for applesauce (a future post!) and she noticed this cute snack on the side of a box of sandwich bags. She asked to make one for herself and one to save for her brother. Not only was it a sweet thought, she did a great job spreading the peanut butter and creating the smiley face. Best of all, with the exception of the fact that they both eat pb&h sandwiches most days and therefore might turn into a jar of peanut butter, it's a perfectly decent snack for after school. If you can stand eating pb again, which apparently, they can.

It's pretty self-explanatory with the pictures. Required ingredients: a slice of bread, pb or your favorite nut butter, a slice of apple, two slices of banana, and two raisins or blueberries or other small, roundish fruit. Here's the snack, and here's a fuzzy (but adorable) pic of the girl who made it.


Sandra Dee said...

Too cute.

Nanette said...


And wait a sec - HOMEWORK in kindergarten?!?! REALLY???

mer said...

ditto to both the "cute" comment and the surprise that kids in kindergarten have homework!!!

Kris said...


ButterYum said...

Adorable... love the names bug bug and boy-o!