Saturday, August 1, 2009

success! (chocolate chip cookies)

I really liked these chocolate chip cookies. Despite that a lot of the fancy-schmancy recipes call for using feves, or chopped chocolate, I like the smaller, more consistent size of chocolate chips. (I combined Trader Joe's semi-sweet chips with Whole Foods' smaller, rectangular dark chocolate chips, about 65:35. Good combo.) The size also ensured that chocolate didn't dominate the entire cookie; you could still taste the cookie itself. I liked the taste initially, and I liked the taste a couple of days later, and I liked that the consistency remained chewy, getting just a little more crisp with age.

Josh thought they were perfectly fine... as in, he was happy to eat them... but not the best chocolate chip cookies in the world. I can live with that. Primarily since I liked them!

Unfortunately, I refuse to listen to him about the powers of his standard camera lens (I need to use the micro lens) and so none of my pictures is truly in focus. Oh well, I'm posting one anyway. It's focused enough for you to get the idea. I'll give the micro lens a try soon.

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Sandra Dee said...

Pic looks just fine to me :-)