Tuesday, April 14, 2009

passover chocolate cake roll: results

The cake roll was definitely a hit. It was delicious, it came out looking beautiful despite the major crackage during assembly, and I was quite pleased with it. As noted, I wrapped it well and froze it for about three days. The afternoon of the seder, I took it out and noted it had, indeed, formed nicely into a roll that held together. It didn't even look ugly, though you could see whipped cream on the outside of the cake. Just for fun, I shaved some chocolate over the top. Because I wasn't sure whether it would soften too much to cut easily, once defrosted, and because I wanted to serve a lot of people and therefore cut thin slices, I sliced it frozen. It cut beautifully. I laid it on a rectangular tray, kind of fanned out, and it looked really pretty. At my in-laws', I put it in the fridge - not the freezer - so by dessert time, it was thawed but chilled. It continued to hold together nicely, and the texture held up just fine. (I didn't know what would happen to the whipped cream when it defrosted.)

Definitely a keeper! My aunt reported that her 14 cakes were well-received, too! (Thumbs way up!)

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