Wednesday, February 25, 2009

if not outraged, then at least suitably disgruntled

I am not happy with the Top Chef winner. Yeah, that person (I won't spoil it here) arguably presented the best overall meal of the three tonight, but there's no way he/she truly earned the title, or is as talented or skilled as the other two final cheftestants. I know the judging is just based on the single performance, and blah blah blah not cumulative, but please, people... Grumble, grumble, grumble.

Did anyone else think Gail's boobs were especially... um... prominent tonight?

Loved Branford Marsalis's good-natured dismissal of Rocco's totally arrogant claim that he's so over caviar. I'm not bugged by Rocco like some are, but that was pretty lame. Between that and his comment that chefs talk about food the way musicians talk about music, Branford seems like a pretty fun guy to hang out with.

We didn't see much of them, but it was nice to see the former runners-up back as sous chefs. Even Marcel seemed to have dialed it back a notch.

I'm still disappointed. I was rooting for ya, Big Bird! (And I say that with all due affection...)


Hilary said...

I am so so so so disappointed with last night's ep. Ugh.

Nanette said...

Top Chef winner = fail

I, too, was rooting for the lovable Big Bird. She's so cute!

Anonymous said...


I have no idea what anyone served because all I could see was Gail's boobs.