Wednesday, December 24, 2008


On the way home from running errands last night, we stopped off with the kids for a quick bite. When do you think they'll figure out that the hot foods counter at Whole Foods isn't a real restaurant? They love it. After we ate, we went to the trash area. At this particular Whole Foods - the gigantic one - they have multiple disposal containers depending on the material you're getting rid of.

Bug Bug, watching intently: I know this one says, "compost," and that one says, "recycle;" what does this [third] one say?

Me, totally flabbergasted: Trash.

Turns out she saw the "c" and the "r," and I think she just guessed the rest of the word. They compost and recycle at her school, so these are familiar concepts. Still, can I just say that when I was starting to read, I was guessing at words like "cat," and here she is knowing compost and recycle! I was totally bowled over.

Note: of course, she'd better (eventually) learn to read the entire word, and not be a lazy reader like her mama, who is occasionally often prone to skip entire sentences that don't hold her attention...


joshmess said...

yeah, this interpreting thing is becoming a pattern!

meredith said...

that's my niece! brilliant!!! and, for what it's worth, i skip uninteresting sentences all the time. you can finish a book much faster! although you're often confused at the end. :)