Friday, November 28, 2008

now i know my abc's

One of the reasons I've been flaky about posting recently is that I got a new laptop and I don't have Photoshop on it. I haven't given back my old laptop yet, so in theory I could photoshop pictures on the old laptop and copy them over to this one, but that just seems like a pain in the neck. Be on the lookout for cranberry scones, shrunken pumpkin pie crust, and a failed lattice pie crust roller.

In the meantime, here's a sneak peek of our photography class assignment: take a picture of each letter of the alphabet. One picture, one letter. Not the actual letter (e.g., off a sign), but a representation of the letter in nature or design. It's been fun taking walks around the neighborhood - and even the house - to scout for letters. There are some like "k" that are still eluding me, but I know Nanette was able to find those recently. The tree roots in her neighborhood must look different from ours. :-)

Note: I haven't cropped or photosohpped these at all because in my mind, the assignment was to take a picture that worked - with good color, lighting, and framing. These are some of the ones that worked best.

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