Thursday, November 6, 2008

a much littler boy

I came across this written-but-not-posted entry last night. It's about Boy-o, and I wrote it exactly six months ago, then promptly lost it in the recesses of my "Other" folder. I'm posting it here because it's such a perfect glimpse backward into who he was then, which is so different than who he is now. Without further ado - a day in the life of an almost-19-month-old...
The virtuous half-sandwich I was about to eat turned into a whole sandwich when Boy-o decided he didn’t want his half. What’s not to like about grilled cheese made with real butter on delicious bread? He was apparently too busy using boon after boon after boon – that’s three spoons – to eat his yogurt. And saying “uh oh” when the blackberry he dipped in the yogurt left a trace of purple on the bowl.

We are so full of funny Boy-o stories these days… He is chatting up a storm, trying to make himself known by saying the words again and again with insistence until we figure him out. Most of the time, he’s actually fairly clear. He uses probably 75 words and often combines them into little two- and three-word sentences. Our favorite is his affirmative answer to most questions – a little “yeah” that’s half word, half breath/sigh – and so sweet-sounding.

He has taken an interest in potty training that is extremely occasional and totally modeled on his sister. Yesterday, he shouted, “poopy! Doh!” which meant, “come with me – I’ve gotta poop!” We ran for the bathroom and put him on the toilet. Of course, it turned out he had already gone, but he was SO proud of himself for knowing what was going on and where it should be done.

Today, I took him swimming at the Y. It was noon, and we were joined only by lifeguards and old folks getting their exercise. He couldn’t stop shouting “hi!” at everyone. He loves water and even jumped in by himself once (mostly because I don’t think he understood the cause-and-effect of waiting for me to be ready to catch him). When he’s not swimming, he’s up on his stepstool in the bathroom saying “hand, hand.” “I want to wash my hands. And play in the water. And drink icky soapy water.” He even has a word for water now – “wadi” – as well as the “agua” Bug Bug used to say at his age.

He wants glasses (“eyes”) because Bug Bug has them. He climbs up on the bed or couch and shouts “baa,” pointing at the TV, asking to watch Shaun the Sheep. He wants to ride bikes, and take walks, and do the balance beam like his sister. He carries his bunny everywhere. He loves his “sa” (socks) and “foo” (shoes). I don’t think he so much minds being barefoot as much as likes putting on shoes and socks.

At night, when we put him down, Josh asks if he wants Bunny to be tucked in, too. Boy-o thinks this is hilarious, so Josh tucks them both under the blanket and gives them both kisses. When it’s my turn, Boy-o pokes his face up to the bars of the crib and I squat down to give kisses to my jailed-in boy. He comes close, then scoots away to the other side of the crib, out of reach, giggling. Usually, we go back and forth a few times, down the length of the crib, and then he lets me catch him and plant a few kisses on him. He sometimes offers up a foot or hand through the bars for additional kisses. Delish.

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Sandra Dee said...

I miss this age. Now I get a lot of,"Did you smell that? That's MY brand!!"

Like father, like son.