Friday, September 12, 2008

marshmallow crunch brownie bars

I made Hilary's Marshmallow Crunch Brownie Bars, and they were delish, as promised. Not difficult, but definitely a little labor-intensive. Still, I was able to knock them out before bed, after dinner with the Baking Posse and grocery shopping, so they're not too time-consuming. Next time, I think it would be easier to cool them, then cut through them, and then refrigerate them. Otherwise, my god - the amount of effort it took me to to saw through those things should count as my workout for the week! Or at least should make up for eating one or two of these bad boys.

They are very candy-like with the marshmallow, peanut butter, crunch, and chocolate topping. I cut them pretty small - got 48 squares out of the 9x13" pan - but if you were serving them at a party, alongside other desserts, you could do them even smaller - bite-sized.

They were a hit at our dinner party with both adults and kids. Boy-o eschewed the use of his hands and instead dove down face-first into his placemat to eat his brownie. Oh my, the chocolate.

Still no pictures (I have no idea where the camera is, though Josh probably does), but they look a lot like Hilary's if you need a reference point. Actually, I think she did a better job of spreading the chocolate mixture evenly over the marshmallow layer. The marshmallow peeked out a bit on mine, but it didn't do the bars any grave disservice.

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