Thursday, June 26, 2008

split personality?

Bug Bug, while we're driving to school this week:
"Mommy! Keep a nye out for skywriting! And rainbows!"*

Bug Bug, regarding the 30 seconds I left her alone with Boy-o and he started to shriek:
"I didn't hit him! I just put my hand on his face and pushed him."

Seriously, the kid fluctuates from adorable to abominable like that. It's hugely frustrating; more so the abominable parts. There has been lots of backtalk and ignoring us and whining and pleading - as if asking something 19 times is going to change my answer - and it makes me nuts because she is generally so pleasant to be around. In fact, I think twice before posting negative stuff because in this very minimalist record I'm keeping of her, I don't want these relatively minor phases of age-appropriate-yet-annoying-as-crap behavior to supercede the fact that she's generally bright, funny, insightful, kind, and fun to be around. So take it for what it's worth.

*Yes, that's "keep a nye out," not "keep an eye out." It's almost as if English is a foreign language. Through these mondegreens**, I keep observing how weird our language is.

**OK, learning the word "mondegreens" is totally my favorite thing about this post.

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jess said...

My daughter is the same, we call it the bipolar syndrome. She is amazing, sweet,loving, etc and than becomes so annoying, whiny etc if something (totally random) sets her off, than, just like that, she is giggling about something. My husband and I often look at each other with that WTF? look in our eyes. I think it is totally normal (atleast I hope so)