Thursday, June 19, 2008

i'm baack...

I am back from four long days of meetings in San Antonio and Austin. The Interweb probably didn't even know I was gone, but I've failed to post for so long, I felt I should say hello.

I saw some crazy things in the Lone Star State:
- A drunken Englishwoman swaying and stumbling her way into the elevator, remarking on my hair and its similarity to her 14-year-old daughter's curls. Really, what do you say to that? Nothing. You're just glad you're on the 10th floor and get to escape, leaving your colleague to ride up to 17 with her.

- A plethora of tech geeks, regrettably let out of the coding dungeon and allowed to do demos, who are in desperate need of some fashion and socialization tips.

- A woman in her 60's decked out in a floor-length, tiger-print handkerchief dress/fringed sarong, complete with dressy, black, sequined cowboy hat and metallic sandals.

And my shower? Smelled like celery. I kid you not. That's weird, right?

More on baking soon.

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Rivster said...

Whoa -- what a strange trip!!!