Wednesday, June 4, 2008

hurry up and wait

The good news, as I just relayed it to Josh, is that the Cheese Board's Cheesy Muffins (pretty much the reason for going to the Cheese Board) don't look too difficult. The bad news is, they won't be ready for 13 days. And that's IF I had the ingredients on hand.

Though I don't typically require instant gratification, I am the kind of person who appreciates dim sum for the speed with which food is delivered to your table. The idea of waiting almost two weeks for rolls is near about enough to send me running for the butter and sugar to whip up a batter that'll be ready to bake by the time the oven's preheated. Not to mention that in 13 days, I'll be off in San Antonio or Austin or somewhere in Texas, which means I have to make baking plans based on my work travel schedule two weeks hence!

Reading the recipe was kind of like a choose-your-own-adventure, only the really bad kind, where you keep getting eaten by crocodiles or robbed by pirates. I started on page 98, then had to work backwards to the Master Sourdough recipe on page 92, which has to proof overnight. And by the way, requires a cup of Sourdough Starter (page 90), which takes 12 days to prepare. Which is about when I start to look for a shortcut. And then I realize that the whole point of Starter is... to start. As in, to take days to prepare. As if I were a pioneer woman on the frontier.

I'm up for it, calendar willing, but for tonight I'd better find something requiring slightly less ambition. Hmm, Chocolate Things only take 3 1/4 hours, and I've got all those ingredients...

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Anonymous said...

Oh well - so much for instant gratification. Good thing your not 6 years old with the patience of a....6 year old!!!

Can't wait to sample some of your yummies in September....