Friday, June 20, 2008

blueberry crisp

I saw an article about this blueberry crisp recipe right before Mother's Day, and I immediately wanted to try it. It just took a few weeks to have an excuse. Of course, as soon as I had the whole thing assembled, I realized it has almond extract in it, and Josh's cousin's son - who is SEVERELY allergic to nuts - can't go anywhere near it. At least I made something else for dessert.

Here's what the recipe tester was going for: "Berry filling that was EXACTLY the right consistency: not stiff and rubbery, not a puddle of berry-filled juice, but soft enough to barely ooze when cut. The crisp had to be crisp, but not hard; and it had to stay heaped on top, not sink into the berries and become doughy." Sounded perfect to me! I hate when pies and crisps leak after you cut into them.

It's a cinch to mix up. I'll let you know how it tastes! King Arthur's blog's pictures of the process are here.

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