Friday, May 2, 2008

toffee almond sandies

This week in the waning heat, I really wanted to bake. Josh suggested peanut butter cookies (yes, he's a little predictable that way!) but we're low on peanut butter. We're low on butter, too (which I find very upsetting), so I wanted a recipe that called for 1 stick or less. And surprisingly, I wasn't in the mood for chocolate.

The Culinary in the Desert/Country guys continue to impress me with both their savory and sweet dishes, and I decided to try this Toffee Almond Sandies recipe. OK, I admit it, I wanted to use a potato masher to make the indentations on the cookies, and yes, it was just as much fun as it sounds! I also fully admit that I have stolen their ideas for how to pose cookies... stacked! So cute! (Can inanimate objects really "pose?")

The cookies are delicious. Out of the oven, cooled, they were crisp on the outside but chewy throughout. By the morning, after sleeping overnight in a tupperware, they had gotten crunchier, which I didn't want, so I tossed a piece of bread in the container, and it restored the chewiness.

As I was mixing the dough, I noted that there are a lot of pairs of ingredients in this recipe: butter and oil, granulated sugar and powdered sugar, and all-purpose flour and white whole wheat flour. I'm not sure what effect those differences have, but the result was good, so I won't dig too deep. I did think a small amount of vanilla, maybe a quarter-teaspoon or so, would've cut the almond extract flavor just a bit. All in all, a definite thumbs up.

By the way, I think I broke some kind of photography rules with this pic, but I am still struggling with Josh's camera, and I don't want to have to ask him how to change the settings every five seconds. I need to work on my lighting and background composition some more.


Major Generalist said...

I really, really like that cookie photo's lighting and composition. The subject (the cookie) is very centered in the picture, which is generally considered poor photographic form, but in this case, I think it gives the image some nice symmetry while the cookie stack itself has variation. I say: rules were meant to be broken and in this case, it really works.

From an emotional perspective, the cookies look delicious to me. I could feel myself wanting to pluck one from the photo and eat it.

In summary, and IMHO, your photo is a success!

jami said...

Thanks, mg! We call it "photoshop!" :-) I'll keep practicing - it is fun!