Sunday, May 4, 2008

putting toffee chips to good use

This was a very baking weekend! The remaining toffee chips from the Toffee Almond Sandies were burning a hole in my cupboard, so I searched for a recipe to use 'em up. These Tender Toffee-Chocolate Rounds are fully 45% chocolate by volume. That's kind of outrageous.

They are good, but I'm not sure they're exciting enough to add to a repertoire of favorites. Surprisingly, they taste like every chocolate meringue-type of cookie I've made recently, even though they are made with whole eggs, not beaten egg whites. They also contain only 1/4 cup flour, so perhaps that's what gives them the light, airy, chewy texture.

Bug Bug helped me scoop the dough for one tray. It is so hard for me to remember that she doesn't know how to do things like scrape the dough out of the spoon and have it land in a shapely blob in the right spot on the cookie sheet. When you try to break it down, that's actually a lot of steps for small fingers to try to accomplish. Gotta get me a little more patience, because I like having her as my helper, and yet I find it hard to make room for the extra mess that entails. She was very sweet to try to wipe up the floor and counter after helping bake.

(I also played with the camera again, but I had trouble with the light on most of them; the cookies look black and the rest is totally overexposed. These two came out okay, but I tried a bunch of shots of the cookies on the baking sheets, and the cookie racks, and none of them came out. Oh well, next time.)


Nanette said...

These were a HUGE hit at the office, so thanks for sending along with Josh. :)

Leah said...

I just ate one of these, courtesy of a care package, as an end to my lunch. My vote: add them to the regular repertoire. They are REALLY good!