Wednesday, May 14, 2008

is your refrigerator running?

Because mine is! And thanks to the thorough scrubbing Josh helped me give it, it has never been sparklier. We had to toss a lot of frozen food, but truth be told, some of it was probably past its prime anyway. The popsicles that leaked all down the wall and into every crack and crevice certainly needed to go.

So, here's the big question: one of the things that happily survived was an unopened pint of whipping cream. I have a couple of days to use it before the exp date. Other than the obvious (whipped cream), who has ideas of what I should do with it? Thanks in advance!

(See how subtly I'm inviting lurkers out into the open? Hee :-)


Anonymous said...

I have the same thing! I was thinking of making ice cream with mine.

Also I laughed out loud at this post title. I am retarded.

jami said...

If you liked that, boy do I have a knock-knock joke for you... :-)

Ice cream sounds great! I am minus one ice cream maker, though. Still thinking of getting the attachment for my Kitchen Aid, since I'm joined at the hip with it and love the idea of a multi-use appliance.

meredith said...

for some reason nothing PG comes to mind. i must get my mind out of the gutter. :)

joshmess said...

i'm gonna have to go with meredith.


Hilary said...

What about a torte? I made a peanut butter one and it called for whipped cream.

Leah said...

How about a strawberry (or other fruit) fool?