Saturday, May 3, 2008

how to win kevin's heart

Bake some Easy Cinnamon Bread, of course! Some of you may know Denise's husband, Kevin. He is a trouper, putting up with us chocolate eaters and even taking part in the occasional chocolate chip cookie, but he really loves lemon and cinnamon. So when I saw this recipe, I thought of him.

Last night at dinner, Jenn explained that she often bakes before 8 am on Saturday mornings. Hmm, I thought. Kids are usually absorbed in Sesame Street and Cheerios... I could bake then, too! It's nice and cool in the house and a relatively quiet time.

I'd seen this recipe float by on Google Reader earlier this week, and it's in my KA book, so I thought I'd give it a try. I never keep cinnamon chips on hand, so I used some mini-chocolate chips. I actually think cinnamon would've been preferable, and I will buy some next time I'm at the store. Chip choice notwithstanding, this was a very yummy morning treat!

It mixes up super-easily - I did it by hand but could just as easily have used the mixer. Then it rests for an hour, after which you stir in baking powder and chips, then bake. I don't know why the baking powder is added later. Must be something to do with the yeast and gluten. (Any food scientists out there have an explanation?) We had to run out the door to dance class with about 5 minutes left on the timer, so I put Josh in charge of pulling it out of the oven, resting it for five minutes, and inverting it onto a rack. He was a perfect sous chef.

Just for kicks, I tried a new method for cutting the bread. Somewhere I read you should cut loaves in the center, take out whatever slices you want, and push the two pieces back together and foil-wrap them. It supposedly keeps the cake or bread fresher because you haven't opened up the crust. (Same effect if you cut a pound cake from the end and stick a piece of bread on the end to cover it before wrapping. It stays fresher. I just liked the look of pushing the two halves back together.)

I also tried to be more accurate with the camera and got a small photography tutorial from Josh. He then helped me review the results and tell me why each picture worked or didn't. I'm trying to show the texture of the inside and of the top/crust. Oh, and make you drool.

D, make this for Kevin, stat!


justJENN said...

That looks awesome, I'll have to try it! And yes, I did bake at 7:02am this morning. I check the clock just for you, ha! I made French Breakfast Muffins. YUM.

The Nix Family said...

Surprisingly, I do a lot of my baking early morning too! I will totally make this for Kevin!
Sounds like you had a food-tastic weekend!!!

Leah said...

I can vouch for this one, too. Very tasty! And so nice of you to have finished baking it by the time I invited myself over for a snack!

sulkygrrl said...

Where do you buy those cinnamon chips? In a "regular" grocery store, or more "specialty" store like Whole Foods or Trader Joes?

jami said...

sulkygrrl - I think Kevin's wife has mentioned seeing some in the regular old baking aisle at the grocery store. I know the King Arthur's Flour folks sell some through their website/catalog as well, but I have not bought them and don't know how the price compares. Good luck! Let us know where you find them!

sulkygrrl said...

Thanks for the info (on this and all my other questions!) :)