Saturday, May 3, 2008

rubbery pancakes. not so good.

Bug Bug often asks for pancakes for breakfast. Chocolate pancakes to be specific. We made pancakes (or waffles? I forget) earlier this week, and I disappeared briefly into the kitchen and came back to find she had helped herself - without asking - to more syrup. A puddleful of syrup. A few minutes later, the situation repeated itself, only this time, it was a veritable pool of amber. She looked up at me innocently. Lucky thing she's cute.

We usually stick to the same couple of recipes and make them either plain, with mini chocolate chips, or with blueberries. We go back and forth between a basic recipe that's super easy, the buttermilk recipe I grew up on, which I make whenever I have buttermilk in the house, and the Arrowhead Mills plain and buckwheat mixes that I often keep on hand. Last week, for Passover, I made one batch of matzah meal pancakes. These are all good options, so I should probably not have strayed, but I decided to try the basic King Arthur recipe.

We ate them, but I was pretty underwhelmed. Underwhelmed enough to toss the leftover batter rather than making and freezing the remaining pancakes. The recipe indicated you could sweeten the batter with sugar or malted milk powder, as many diners do. (Maybe I should've stopped to consider whether I even like diner pancakes?) Since I had it on hand, I went with the latter, but I didn't care for the batter's malty-yeasty smell. They also burned really easily, perhaps due to the sugar in the malt? I'm still getting used to managing the heat levels using my two-burner griddle, but the heat was down around medium or medium-low, so they shouldn't have gotten so dark, so quickly.

I suppose Josh has the right idea... if you think of pancakes as a vehicle for syrup, they were passable. Next pancake craving to satisfy: some variation on lemon-ricotta pancakes.

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