Thursday, April 24, 2008

in the clear

Lately, we've been asking Bug Bug to help out by clearing her plate after dinner. She's been pretty cooperative but definitely still has to be reminded most of the time. Tonight, she cleared her plate, as asked, and then headed off to wash her hands, as asked. I loudly praised her to Josh - deliberately, so she could overhear - as I walked into the kitchen with some of the other dishes. Then I stopped in my tracks.

Her dish and cup were laid out neatly... in the middle of the kitchen floor.

To be fair, there wasn't much counter space available, and she's still too little to see easily over the edge of the counters. And we've asked her not to drop dishes into the sink since she can't see what's below. So really, I guess she did the best she could. (Of course, the grown up, rational mind says, "why didn't you say something?")

She cracks me up. Perhaps more detailed instructions are in order next time.

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