Sunday, April 13, 2008

be excellent to each other

The lovely Nanette has given me an excellence award! Whee! Now I know I'm part of the blogosphere. I am very flattered, since I am so new at this and do not truly feel I have found my footing. Thanks for being one of my 6 loyal readers, NannersM!

I know the next step is to pay it forward, but although I read a bunch of blogs, I don't actually "know" most of those bloggers. Not knowing the blog-award etiquette, I would feel odd giving them this award. (They'd be like, "Um, great. Thanks. And you are...?")

HOWEVER, that does not diminish the fact that I do have several friends with whose blogs I am very impressed! So without further ado...

Alyssa Outnumbered

Frume Sarah's World

justJENN rants & raves (I know Nanette tapped her too; must mean she's truly excellent!)

Major Generalist

Superfluous Juxtaposition (even though she's on a break)

The Nix Family

There's one other, but her blog isn't yet public, and I'm not about to out here here. You know who you are. :-)

ETA: With her permission: Honestly Sincere


Suzanne said...

OK, OK... I'm ready. You can "out" me!

Now it's official...

The Nix Family said...

Yay! We feel Excellent! Thank you!

Major Generalist said...

Thanks so much for the Major Generalist shout-out! Your blog is most excellent as well!