Thursday, March 13, 2008

peanut butter fudge bars

I need to bring dessert for a family dinner this weekend, so I thought I'd try something new. These peanut butter fudge bars are from the KA baking book. (I will probably also bring something else - maybe lemon bars - that is tried and true.)

These were fun to make, and you'd think from the name that they'd be seriously delicious, but the jury is still out. (See what I did there? Jury humor!) They were unremarkable when I tasted them still warm, and I wrapped them and popped them in the freezer when they cooled, so I'll have to taste another one on Sunday to see how they are. The bottom layer is kind of like a peanut butter shortbread. The middle layer is a brownie, but not as fudgy as I'd like (and I did err on the side of underbaking). And the top layer is a very thin pb frosting. We'll see how it all works together. Anyway, I had fun documenting the process photographically.

1. peanut butter shortbread layer (press crumbs into pan, bake 8-10 minutes)
2. melt together unsweetened chocolate, butter, sugar, and corn syrup
3. stir together the melted stuff. mmm...
4. add the dry stuff
5. and then the chips or Reese's Pieces
6. spread on the crust and bake
7. frost while still warm
8. and, here they are!


Leah said...

Wow, the power of suggestion is seriously strong. I got to the end of your post with the picture of the finished product and immediately ran to the pantry for a Girl Scout cookie--the closest thing we have to baked goods right now. Even if they don't taste good, they sure look good!

jami said...

you forgot to mention that you are PREGNANT and therefore subject to any of a number of cravings. also, quite possibly, extra suggestible.

plus, pictures can make lots of things look good!

Suzanne said...

They do LOOK good...